Background Check 101

One of the most common reasons for criminal background checks, is an increase in the number of lawsuits being faced by employers for negligence in taking on someone who ends up being violent in the workplace, assaulting a co-worker or damaging property. This exposes you to large compensation packages and settlements, so it makes sense to get a criminal record check done on potential employees so protect yourself from any liabilities.

Over and above this, many firms also have criminal background checks done on existing employees. It could also be because of changes in company policy on employment.

Hiring the wrong person can hurt your company, your current employees and your clientage. According to a 2012 survey on background checks by the Society for Human Resources Management, nearly 70 percent of all organizations asked say they carry out criminal background checks on all job applicants. Here are some points to keep in mind when conducting employee background checks:

As an employer you need to consider all aspects of the applicant, including their education, their employment, criminal and driving history, their use of social media and more. If you just target a specific point, you could miss out on a potentially great employee. And if you use any criminal records they may have against them, whatever the charge and when it happened, you could find yourself in trouble with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

Avoid a question on your application form which asks job seekers if they have a criminal record. This can slightly off-putting to candidates, because they don’t know the limits you have set out as criminal behavior. Instead, you could interview everyone up front and run a background check later.

Make sure that the application processes are the same for all candidates to avoid any discrimination charges. If there are two people applying for the same post or designation, they treated equally and the same background checks should done on them.

Should something come up in the background screening, it is always better to physically interview the candidate and make your reservations known up front. This way, any misconceptions can explain and cleared up.

When conducting the criminal records checks make sure that you follow the letter of the law. Some stringent rules on how far back you can delve into criminal records. You could so easily be tempted to look up things you are not supposed but these checks differ according to local, state and federal laws, and are even job-specific. You will also need to get the applicant to agree to being subjected to the screening. This entails getting a legal release from the candidates, informing them of their rights, disclosing the contents of the report, and reasons (if it comes to that) why they were not hired.

Many employers use social media platforms to check up on potential employees, but there is only so much information you can find on the internet. Real fact and figures can only be found by a professional who licensed to do background checks. So hire a background screening company which experienced and means to get you a report that will be factual and complete.

What you, as the employer, ask for in a criminal background check depends on your needs, and the place for which the job seeker is applying. As an employer, you obviously feel you have the right to know exactly what kind of person you are hiring but, at the end of the day, a good background check by a reputed screening firm will help you cut down on employee problems and legal issues.

Employers may also resort to screening checks. Employees need a clean record, especially when it comes to representative, high responsibility positions or the ones that deal with confidential information. A criminal background check implies security and tension-free execution of professional activities.

How is a Criminal Check Performed Online?

As its name suggests, a criminal background check involves the examination of documents and criminal records that provide information about the past of an individual.

Naturally, this information is very sensitive and the manner in which criminal records searches are performed is regulated by laws and regulations. Certain procedures need to be followed in order to guarantee the legality of this screening.

Today, criminal background checks can effortlessly be performed online. Often, such services are provided free of charge. Some commercial websites that provide criminal history checks have access to limited records so it would be best to go national when performing such inspections.

Advantages of Performing a Criminal Records Search

Criminal background screening is great when it comes to security and taking some sensible precautions. The number of advantages connected to criminal records checks is countless.

Getting in touch with people who have clear background diminishes chances of incidents and violent confrontations.

Employers will also ensure that confidential information stays safe. In such instances a background screening check is a necessity. Having an idea about the past of an individual can help someone make predictions about future performance.

Employers will also benefit from a criminal screening as it has the potential to greatly diminish employee dishonestly losses.

All these facts mentioned briefly demonstrate the huge potential of such background inspections. Each security-conscious individual has to be cautious about others, whether interactions take place on personal or professional level. Criminal background checks are the right tool to guarantee a higher degree of certainty.

If a person has a criminal record, they have been convicted of a crime. It is also possible to find out if a person may be experiencing criminal, personal, or family problems by looking at court records. These records list cases in which the person was involved. Some of these that are commonly searched for in criminal checks include civil court records for pending and dismissed cases. They may be lawsuits, judgments, and charges and attorney names if available. In addition, they can show the person’s appearance in family court, small claims courts, federal and state courts, and traffic court.

Most importantly, checking records can reveal prison parole and release files, probation records and Interpol records. Interpol is an international police organization that has over 180 countries who participate in it. Interpol enables companies who do criminal background checks to discover if a person may have fled another country because of criminal activity there.

With so many databases and sources available to check the criminal background of a person, there is no reason not to check. Criminal checks are reasonably priced and can save businesses and property owners thousands of dollars by keeping criminals out of businesses and off property.

The reasons for wanting a criminal background check are varied and depend on who would like to have the background check on a certain person. For instance, employers often require them because they want to be sure they are hiring only those without criminal records. Schools, day care centers, and other businesses who hire employees who will work with children are required to have these checks. Many health care workers are also required to be checked. Property owners often run criminal background checks on prospective tenants to ensure that they will not rent to a person who has committed crimes.

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